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Girls can love football too

You read that statement right. Girls can love football too. They can not only love it but understand it and can work in the male dominated industry. There is a stigma around football that it is a man’s sport. Men may play the sport, but they don’t own the sport.

Growing I lived in a family that revolved around the Florida Gator football schedule. I attended my first football game when I was just a couple months old. With this statement, my family had all events always planned around if it was a home game and work, for me during my high school long career at Chick-Fil-A, was taken off to attend the games. I was quickly informed when I get married it must not fall during football season. A moment I can vividly remember going to middle school the day after the Seattle Seahawks lost the Super Bowl because of an interception in the end zone. I was surround by boys in middle school talking about the game and I decided to voice my opinion and I was met with odd stares confused about how I knew what I was talking about. The question “How did you know that?” was asked more than once in the conversation. But this did not launch the obsession.

The obsession started in eighth grade; the game was Florida vs. Florida State. I could quote every monumental play within the game, the turning point, and when Florida ultimately lost it all. I won’t bore you with the details, but this was the start of my spiral into the world of football. In the beginning, college recruiting was followed, prospect were tweeted at, embarrassing I know, and the starting line-up was memorized. The funny part came when my father began to refer to me at tailgates as the son he never had because people would come and ask me questions about the upcoming game. But this was not enough for me. I wanted more, I wanted to be on the field, working behind the scenes.

I learned that I eventually could make my mark in the world of sports, I just had to figure out when and where. After enrolling at the University of Central Florida, I never would have imagined I would become an intern for their football team. This whirlwind experience opened my eyes to the world on the other side of the field. After two years of working within the staff of UCF football, I was one of four female interns, and working under one of two female football employees. I was grateful to be both a recruiting intern and an operation assistant. Being able to work behind the scenes The world on the other side of the field is open to females but it does require work and sacrifice.

By working for the UCF football team, I learned that football needs women. I was a both a recruiting and operations intern for the team. While being a recruiting intern, I assisted with decorating venues when needed and oversee/manage hotel setup and assisted the director with coordination of planning and organization for all recruiting-related meals.

I am eternally grateful for all the experience I gained from working for UCF football. This internship has helped me gain experience from the other side of the field. With all the experience and lessons, I was able learn while working for UCF Football it has helped me realize this is the career I want to pursue. I want to be a part of the group of women working to break down the barrier that has be built in this male dominated industry.

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